16 Mar 2015

Why I love New Father Chronicles.

Today marks the 38th week of our pregnancy so that means that our son could be coming at any minute. He may even be here before I finish writing this post. Let’s hope not.

Millions of new parents are created every year and Veronica and I are excited to be finally joining the club. When we got married in late 2013, we didn’t expect to expand out family so soon but it has been the best journey of our lives so far.

I have another very good friend who I am close to, but he lives in Rochester which is several hours away from NYC. Aside from him, there is really no one in my age group that I can account to for a first hand Dad experience.

What this means is I’ve been seeking high and low for other new fathers who are in the same boat as me. One such dad is La Guardia Cross, who is both hilarious and insightful when it comes to his baby, Amalah. His web series, New Father Chronicles, is a much needed addition to the myriad of books and articles for new dads because it is just as funny as it is educational. It is a breath of fresh air and I look forward to his videos every Wednesday. Thank you to our good friend and W+V reader, Guadalupe for the suggestion!

I believe that there is a new wave of creative fathers that are young and want to be truly involved in the lives of their children. I see this all over the internet now. Dads bonding with their kids in new and fun ways and the moms that put up with it. This seems to have popped out of nowhere or maybe my eyes are now open to it because it’s relevant.

Here’s my favorite video of his, interviewing his daughter. It’s even been featured on the Huffington Post. Check it out here.

The web series is honest and endearing. Naturally we are now fans of the the dad and blogger. Check out his new videos every week on YouTube.

  • La Guardia Cross

    I really appreciate the write up W & V! I’m honored to share my silly stories with y’all and I look forward to hearing the stories that will begin…any day now!