21 Mar 2016

Why do they get to sleep?!

Wes and I have been married for two years and there are still some things that we are getting used to about each other . Like the fact that when we sit down to eat, he HAS to find something to watch before we can actually start eating. (Yea, we never spoke about that before getting married, you should. See article: http://wesandveronica.com/6-life-or-death-questions-to-ask-your-soon-to-be-spouse/). Or the fact that when I gargle after brushing my teeth, it sounds like there are bulldozers moving in. I know it doesn’t sound pretty but I lam a big fan of dental hygiene.

But there are some things that I am still not used, nor do I want to get used to. That’s our nighttime routine. Whenever Wes is ready to go to bed, you will find him snuggled nicely on his side sound asleep. He and Kwasi snoring in unison – it’s almost poetic, father and son whisked away to dream while Mom is left with all the chores. I , on the other hand do not get into the bed till much later. I think many wives can relate. For some reason men, or at least the two in my life,  never feel the need to take a look and see what needs to be done unless we mention it to them.

Here are 5 disasters that could happen if I didn’t do what I have to do before bed.

  1. Dishes- An overflow of dishes every night, including Kwasi’s dirty bottles, which means they won’t be clean when he wakes up, which means Kwasi crying longer because he wants his bottle like yesterday, which means a headaches because his hangry cry is no joke!Kwasi Hangry Cry
  2. 2. Living room left in chaos. – just think of a big tornado coming through your window and staying there till morning. Then of course that would be the day a family member or friend wants to pop in and say hi!17-friends-closet-1429739007
  3. Our son is not a Sesame Street fan yet. He’s still caught up with Super Why. But with the garbage not being taken out each night, Oscar the Grouch would be paying rent here.3-Grouch
  4. Nothing is scarier than forgetting that the stove was accidentally left on. This has never happened to us, thank God, but if years of Watching Rescue 911 has taught us is that you can never be too careful.Fire Will Smith
  5. And last but not least, I need to lock the door! This is the Bronx. All we need are some unwanted visitors. anigif_original-grid-image-4712-1407357698-21

Ok some of these may be exaggerations, and for the record when I remind him, Wes does help, getting up zombie like and helping me finish with the final chores. But ladies, do you go through this with your spouse. Let us know in the comments below.