30 Mar 2015

Today was supposed to be the day.

Today was supposed to be the day. A day which I feared but longed for. A day for me that I knew would be filled with great joy but also great pain. I am talking about the day of my son’s birth. As the days drew near, the question, “Are you ready?” had turned into an automatic greeting from friends and family and my reply was always, “I don’t think anyone is ever ready”. Another typical greeting was “He can come any day now…”, to which I always proclaimed, “He can come on March 30 (which was his due date) or a couple days after but definitely not before!” I still felt that I needed time to process what I was about to go through. I just wasn’t ready.

From the day I found I was pregnant, the anxiety of giving birth was always upon me. It was something I feared because I hated the thought of going through so much pain. In fact I detested pain and would try to avoid it at every cost. Up until that point, the most pain I had been through was when I was about 3 months pregnant and suffered a back spasm that wiped me out for three days. I was in so much pain and thought to myself what is labor going to be like?!! Of course I knew that I could have the assistance of an Epidural but I really wanted to try the natural route like my Mom who pushed 8 kids out without any medication. ( I know, how ironic). Every month she would tell me that I could do it. She would go into the story of how it’s just about getting the head out and once that happens (insert squirt noise here) the rest of the body would slip right out. I would shake my head and agree but still kept the option of getting the epidural in a small pocket of my mind.

On Saturday, March 21st, just 9 more days till my son was supposed to be born I woke up feeling good about the day’s activities. Wes and I had a big breakfast and two of my friends were coming over to visit later on in the evening. But you know the saying goes, “Our time is not God’s time.” Well I learned it that day, because my water had actually broken. But being new at this I had no idea what was happening until we arrived at the hospital. I felt some water but felt no pain. I imagined it happening like what we saw on TV. Big gush of water then contractions. But since that was not the case, I just thought to myself this is just something that happens as the due date is approaching but the nurse proved me wrong. My water had certainly broken and I was 2.5 cm dilated. Since I was not getting any contractions I had to be to induced. I was introduced to my nurse, affectionately known as Miss Peggy from Louisiana, and she was as real as they come. She reminded us over and over again that she had been delivering babies for 36 years and that everything was going to be all right, but of course I was gonna suffer. Yep she was real, a little scary at first but I quickly grew to like her. As she stepped out to prepare my IV and the Petocin, a tear ran down my face because the time had come and even with my husband and mother by my side, and not to mention many family members and friends praying, I was scared.

The next 24 hours were surreal. I had been given the Petocin but it was causing my baby’s heart beat to become irregular so the doctors had to keep on decreasing the dosage, resulting in my body still not going into labor. I could not eat or drink anything. 24 hours had gone by and I had not slept. I wanted to get up and stretch but couldn’t because they needed to monitor the baby’s heart beat. Around noon the next day, Miss Peggy came into the room to check on me and informed me that I would have to make a decision on whether or not I wanted an epidural because the Anisteologist would be gone for the next four hours. In her southern accent Miss Peggy said “Honey I don’t want to scare you but this pain is going to get worse in the next couple of hours, if you can handle it great. But if not, let me know because that’s great too. Let me know in the next 5 minutes”. Doubts were turned into certainties as I told my nurse I would need the Epidural as assistance to go through this labor. At around 6:15pm it was go time and with the help of my Husband and Mom on my left side, Miss Peggy on my right, three doctors in front and God up above, it was go time and I was finally ready. All fears were set aside and replaced with thoughts of my son’s safe arrival. Encouraging past words from my mother and other wise women came back to my remembrance as I felt the top of my son’s head as he was making his entrance. With that much needed motivation my son came into this world on March 22, at 6:48 pm, healthy and beautiful.

That day I learned that although labor can be a scary thing to go though, there is so much beauty in it. It taught me that sometimes the scariest times in your life can turn out to be the most exceptional moments. I would have never known the strength I had if I had not gone through this experience. As I held my baby in my arms for the first time I was amazed at God’s work. In those few minutes after the delivery I felt like superwoman.

It has been 8 days now since Wesleen Akwasi Güity Jr. has been home and I am so glad that he decided to arrive early. Even though it is a major adjustment and nothing but sleepless nights, when he opens his eyes and looks at me it makes it all worth it.

So now the greeting I have been getting is “Would you do it again?” I pause and think about how I was just part of a miracle and my answer is ” I definitely would”.

  • DinaLineth

    looove this!!! you and all the other mommys are superwomen. hope to join that club one day!

  • C.a. Newton

    Beautiful. Blessings to the family. Give God all the praise..

  • kisha

    Tears! I am so proud of you. thank you for sharing your story I can’t wait to meet him and see how this experience has elevated you to another level. Love you!

  • La Guardia Cross

    Beautiful! Even when things don’t go as planned (same with us), it turns out wonderful. Congrats to you both!