15 Mar 2016

Our Non-traditional Honeymoon Adventure!

When you have only 3 weeks to plan a wedding, it may be hard to also include a honeymoon. After my then-boyfriend, Wes, met my Dad for the first time in Ghana, he proposed to me shorty thereafter.  On our way back from our trip, Wes and I decided not to wait and to just get married as soon as possible. Our families were immediately on board wit this crazy idea and we started planning. Because of time constraints and most of our funds already spent on our trip to Africa, we were spent, literally and figuratively speaking.

Wes was secretly planning a honeymoon for a few months before he revealed his plans on our 2nd year anniversary. He knew how important this was and booked a flight to the Bahamas. I was so excited that I ran around our small apartment in The Bronx and lost myself in his romantic gesture. 

He left the details of lodging open so that we could explore and plan together. We considered an all inclusive resort but when you are a young couple with a toddler, the word “budget” comes up quite often. We had the money set aside but wanted to see if we could find a better deal. Initially, we had some reservations abut staying in someone’s home, but when you think about it, we do pretty much the same at a hotel. You are not the first to sleep in that bed. So with an open mind, we decided to check out an Airbnb since many of our close friends have used the app with success. This ended up being the best decision.

Once we arrived in the Bahamas we were greeted by our host at the airport. He drove us to our home for the next 5 days and what we walked into was breathtaking. The photos in the app could not compare to what we were seeing with our eyes. Luckily our house, aptly named the Blue Marlin Villa, was in a more secluded area of the island away from the downtown noise. Every morning we were able to sit out on the porch or on the dock and watch the sunrise in peace. We made our own breakfast each day but decided that for lunch and dinner, we’d experience true Bahamian cuisine. This allowed us to immerse ourselves in the culture by getting to know the people, the food, and a small piece of Nassau. After booking two great tours to enhance our cultural knowledge, our favorite ending up being the Tru Bahamian Food Tour, a 3 hour walking and food experience. With a full belly and a satisfied appetite for local history, we officially became locals.

Needless to say, we had to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, so we got a one day pass from Meliá Nassau Beach, located in the northern part of the island. They offer a great deal giving you access Cable Beach, water activities such as snorkeling, two pools, and a buffet lunch. We ended the day with a Hibachi dinner made by a native Bahamian chef and some dancing with new friends.

It was a great day at the resort but we truly enjoyed having the option of going back “home”. We also knew that if we stayed at the resort we probably wouldn’t have ventured out as much as we did. When it was time to go we were saddened but knew that we had found a home in the Bahamas.

If you don’t mind a nontraditional honeymoon and want to feel like one of the locals, an Airbnb is a great option. We wouldn’t think twice to do it again.

To see a price breakdown of how we spent less than $2,000 on this trip, check out our article on Essence.com.