19 Jan 2017

New Year, New Jersey

Hello Family!

We want to begin this letter by wishing you all a beautiful 2017. We hope that the year has begun on a positive note for you. If not, don’t beat yourself up because there is still time to start over.

We want to thank you for your love and support that you have given us for the past three years with WesandVeronica.com. We started the blog because we wanted to share our lives and experiences, the good and bad, and hopefully inspire you the way you inspire us.

2016 was an especially difficult year for us. From what we gathered, it was for most people. The year started on a good note because as always when January comes around, you are pumped and making declarations. Our declaration for 2016 was that we would walk by faith, and boy were we tested.

In April we lost our beloved father and father-in-law to his battle with cancer. It was very hard on the family because no matter how sick a loved one is, you always expect them to get better. When the time comes and God calls them home, it’s, for a lack of a better word, devastating.

That same month we found out that we would have to move out of our beautiful Bronx apartment that we had fallen in love with. The move out date was set for June and that’s when our first test came because we were wholly unprepared. Moving expenses in NY are ridiculously high, almost $4,000-$5,000 and we were not ready to dish out the money. June quickly came and we had to do what we never thought would be, move back home. We moved in with Wes’ parents, putting all of our things in storage hoping to have our new place by the end of that Summer. We would save up the money and then just move out. Things were not that easy.

We began apartment hunting right away. But then were met with another obstacle that would make getting an apartment really hard – we didn’t have the best credit. Everywhere we went, there was a door slammed in our face. It didn’t matter that we were decent people. All they saw were the numbers. And so the summer passed and the fall came and we were still not in our own home. Stress and even depression started to kick in. It was difficult. What kept us going was God and the gift that he had given us…our little boy. His innocence gave us the courage to keep our faith alive.

After 7 long months of working on our credit, and saving money, we were finally able to find a place. It wasn’t where we expected. We would no longer be Bronxites or New Yorkers, but instead, as if it were a plot twist at the end of our story, Jersey would be our new home. And we wouldn’t be among strangers either but family was literally right down the street.

As we write this to you all, we are still not home yet. Our move in date is not till the end of February. But we are excited and even feel stronger as a couple. In our 3 years of marriage, this was one of the toughest things we had to go through. We thank God that he kept us solid and that we never played the blame game but instead relied on God and each other for comfort and encouragement. It would have been so easy to let the anger set in and bring arguments but then we wouldn’t have seen the results down the line. We wanted to walk by faith in 2016 and God showed us the way.

As we begin 2017, we are looking for great things to happen but we also expect the challenges and feel more equipped to deal with them head on. We already have one good news on the horizon and that’s our baby girl who is due in May. We couldn’t be more thrilled! Even, now with 2 kids, we plan on writing more articles and doing more videos with DadTech and Marriage, Love and God. We hope that you will continue to join us on our journey.

God bless you and remember to always remember the Love.

Wes and Veronica