13 Jul 2016

How I’m Making it Work As a New Mom

As a new Mom, I look to women who have inspired my life and who hold the gold card to motherhood. There have been many, but one of those women is my Mom and now my Mother-in-Law.

My son is 15 months, and I had no idea that he would be as energetic as he is now! On one hand, I love it because he is so creative and inquisitive. Everyone who meets him, marvels about his age because of his maturity. Yet, this new found freedom has him doing more running and touching and less sitting and sleeping leaving me with the feeling that I’m not getting any work done.

Throughout the day, sometimes, I get discouraged because I had a list of things to do, and not one thing was touched! I wonder to my self, how did my mother do it with 8 kids?! When I talk to my Mom, she always tells me to take it moment by moment. My Mother-in-law will say stop beating yourself up and make sure to rest. Despite the fact that I can sometimes be stubborn, ( I will never admit this to Wes), I am doing my best to take their advice. When I am feeling overwhelmed, their words bring comfort. Here are some methods I have developed:

1. The wonderful To-Do List- Throw it away!  Ok maybe not the whole list, but the traditional function of the list. It’s great to create a to do list but give yourself the liberty to have things switched around. Once you have in mind that your list is just a guideline, it will make you feel less worried and stressed about getting every single thing done. Even if you just accomplished one thing on your list, give yourself a little victory.
Victory Dance

2. Get used to YOUR routine- Once you have a guideline, that’s when it is easier to develop a routine and have some goals set in place. Every child is different, therefore every mother’s routine is different. I know that Kwasi will take his nap around 1/1:30 and sleep until 3/3:30. This gives me time to get some personal work done, whether its my scripts for a shoot just completed, writing an article for the blog or just relaxing a bit to have a snack. Another check of the list.

3. Always let hubby know when it’s time for some M.A.T. – Mommy Alone Time! Don’t ever feel selfish about needing a day to your self. It’s ok to want to feel like it’s just YOU for a few hours. You will feel rejuvenated after some much needed “Me” time and more energy to give more hugs and kisses to your darling baby, oh yea and to hubby too!
Mommy Time

4. Even Wonder Woman needed some help from her team sometimes. – As mothers we want to feel like we can do it all, but don’t be fooled. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, so don’t be afraid to ask. Take advantage of the family and friends you have around you, because having your village, makes a huge difference.
Family Hug

5. Relax, Relate, Release- If you are a Different World fan then you get his phrase! -LOL. I know a lot of times motherhood gets compared to being a job, but it’s so much more than that, so don’t treat it as one. Take the time to enjoy your baby. Enjoy motherhood. God has given you a special gift so when your toddler is busy making a mess, take a minute and just look at his smiling face and join in. Both you and baby will have a good time and their smile will melt that stress away. Even better save the mess for Daddy to clean up. He’ll be happy to be a part of the experience.:-)
Relax, Relate, Release

So that’s my perspective Moms. I hope it helps. Remember the very fact that you brought life into this world makes you great. As I always say,  Moms make it work, so whatever stage you are in, celebrate who God made you to be:
I am a Proud Mama