22 Mar 2016

Happy Birthday from Mom!

You have taught me so much in this short year. I always knew that a mother’s love was great because of your grandma but to experience it first hand has been amazing. Before I had you, the thought of giving birth was terrifying. In fact, I prayed to God that if there was any way he could allow me to avoid the pain that he should allow it. In a way, I think He did, as I didn’t know that I was actually going into labor till your Dad insisted because I was “leaking”. My water had actually broken.

In my 28 hours of labor, fear was no longer on my mind but just your well being, and the anticipation to meet you. Since you have come into my life, there has not been a dull moment. You bring so much life and happiness into our home. Your bright eyes remind me of the beautiful sunrise and when I watch you sleep there is such a an indescribable peace that overtakes my heart. You turned my greatest fear into one of my joyous moments. One day when you are old enough to read this, I will remind you of all the reasons you need to thank me for bringing you into this world but today, I thank you. Thank you for teaching me not to fear one of God’s greatest miracles. I love you my baby boy, today and always.


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset