22 Mar 2016

Happy Birthday from Dad!

Happy Birthday Kwasi post 2

A year ago today, my wife and I were in the delivery room. At the moment all we could do was wait… Wait for our son and new lives as parents. I would complain that the chair I sat on, which was effectively known as the “Dad Chair”, because it laid out flat for expecting fathers to sleep on, was simply not comfortable. Of course, whenever I mentioned to Veronica that I was uncomfortable, she’d replied with no hesitation that I should shut up. Noted.

After many hours of waiting, our son finally felt ready to meet us. The room was crowded with hospital staff, along with my mother-in-law, to support this Mom-to-be.

When I saw the top of his afro I was immediately and instantaneously transformed. I was a father and my wife a mother. She, like many moms before her, experienced what it was like to push and struggle for your children. They do this even before the baby is even officially born.

I witnessed two miracles that evening. The first was meeting my son and introducing myself and his mom. The second was seeing the raw strength that Veronica had deep within her.

Today is just not a celebration of my son’s birth but also that of the miracle of family.

Happy 1st Birthday Son.