22 Sep 2015

Happy 1/2 Birthday Wes Akwasi Jr!

The 6 month milestone is very significant to us as a new family. We got married after 6 months of dating, found out we were pregnant 6 months after marriage, and now we celebrate our beautiful son being in our lives for 6 months. Time flies when you are having fun….and super busy.

When we were pregnant, a common theme we’d hear is “Your baby won’t be a baby in the blink of an eye!” Honestly, we didn’t know how accurate they would be but this couldn’t be more true today. We just can’t believe how quick he is growing. Just 3 months ago it would be by chance that we would catch him smirk and today he can’t stop laughing, especially in church! ( Sorry Pastor). We see his personality shining through each day. An adventurer like his Dad and always smiling like his Mom.

Like with any parent, our day to day lives have significantly changed. Date nights have been replaced by laundry night, we can’t wear nice clothes near the baby, and not to mention, our living room now looks like a mini Toys R Us.

Despite the fact that our social lives have taken a hit, we love our son. He demands a great deal of attention, which we are still getting used to, but we can’t see our lives without him. We are excited for the next 6 months and look forward to more physical and mental developments.

Maybe we are super hyped because he is our first child, but we can’t over the fact that he recognizes our faces, holds his own bottle, can kinda sorta sit-up, and almost always smile on cue when a pretty girl says his name.

He better not grow up too fast.