25 Nov 2014

Raising a Child Post-Ferguson.


Image by Shawn Semmler (CC BY 2.0). Thank you Veralyn Williams of BrooklynDeep.org for the inspiration.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and in a few days we’ll be sitting around fully stocked tables with family and friends.  One thing that we will definitely be thankful for is the fact that we will be bringing a beautiful baby into the world within a couple of months. We are more than happy with the announcement, but there is also a parallel fear that has been fueled by recent events.

Last night, the news broke that Officer Wilson would not be indicted for the killing of Michael Brown. Our hearts are heavy. How many undeserved have to die? President Obama said that this was not just an issue for Ferguson, but America. We agree. There is a clear problem when it comes to Law enforcers and minority communities, and it’s alarming because even though we are in the land of the free, there seems to still be major restrictions. More than ever, parents have to not only warn their children about strangers and minding their manners, but also how to act if stopped by an officer because it can honestly be life or death situation. How sad is that in 2014?

There is no doubt that parenting is going to be tough but living in a world where our child (or yours) can easily be seen as a target doesn’t make it any easier.

Please join us in praying for the family of Michael Brown and as hard as it may be,  pray for our officers as well. Let’s pray that those in charge of training our cops realize this problem and decide to make an effective and positive change.


Featured image also by Shawn Semmler (CC BY 2.0) and edited by Wes Guity.