29 Jan 2015

How I am dealing with being tired all the time.

Lately, it has been really hard for me to accept the fact that I am getting to the point of where I just have to rest. In my third trimester, I am feeling the fatigue I felt in my first trimester and it’s hard because my mind wants to be on the move but my body doesn’t always follow. It’s like my baby is saying “Hey mom, get used to this because in about two months it will be all about me.” And while this is true, and my body needs to be rested for the new journey approaching, I sometimes feel guilty not being able to work to my full capacity. Sometimes I just want to sleep and I feel like I am wasting time in my day.

I spoke to my close friends who are mothers about how I was feeling and they encouraged me not to feel guilty. It was just my body’s way of saying, take it easy and then reminded me that I was constantly doing hard work; growing a baby! I should remember that as my growing belly is proof, but for some reason because I am used to always being on the go, I quickly forget that I am probably in the process of one of the hardest jobs I will ever have.

I knew that I was going to have to make adjustments with our son coming but I guess I never thought of the emotional toll pregnancy can take on you as well. With each passing day as I get closer to meeting my son, I am preparing myself to be the mother my mom was to me. However, in the meantime, I will take the advice of my friends and continue to listen to my body, because right now baby knows best.

Are you mother or mother to be? What emotional struggles did you have to deal with and what were your solutions?