20 Jan 2017

Yes They Did!

For the past 8 years the Obamas have been the true inspirational couple. From that very first fist bump we knew that they had a very special relationship. Whenever we see them together, we pray that we are like them when we reach our 24th Anniversary (21 more years…

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19 Jan 2017

New Year, New Jersey

Hello Family! We want to begin this letter by wishing you all a beautiful 2017. We hope that the year has begun on a positive note for you. If not, don’t beat yourself up because there is still time to start over. We want to thank you for your…

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06 Dec 2016

I love to sleep. Let me rephrase that – I love good, quality sleep. Like us, the way we sleep changes with almost every step of our lives. We nap when we’re young, maybe catch up on a few Zzz’s in between classes, and as adults, we are taught…

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10 Aug 2016

It’s true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. This couldn’t be truer for my dear old friend, Sleep. Sleep, I miss you. You haven’t been around for some time so I thought I’d hit you up with hopes that you’ll get back to me soon. …

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13 Jul 2016
Featured Image_Moms Make It Work

As a new Mom, I look to women who have inspired my life and who hold the gold card to motherhood. There have been many, but one of those women is my Mom and now my Mother-in-Law. My son is 15 months, and I had no idea that he…

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08 Jul 2016
Featured Image_Black Lives Matter

This morning when I woke up, I looked at my husband and son and was overcome with a heavy heart. The shootings of our black people, has sadly not been surprising, yet I refuse to become desensitized to these evil actions. As a habit, I went on Facebook as…

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07 Jul 2016
Featured Image_Babies do what they want

Summer is here and I love it. Wes and I enjoy going out to enjoy the outdoors whenever the sun is out and we want our son, Kwasi to appreciate it as well. That’s why I was so excited to hear about Summer Stages for kids hosted by the…

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22 Mar 2016
Featured Image_Happy 1st Birthday 2

Happy Birthday from Mom!

Kwasi, You have taught me so much in this short year. I always knew that a mother’s love was great because of your grandma but to experience it first hand has been amazing. Before I had you, the thought of giving birth was terrifying. In fact, I prayed to…

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22 Mar 2016
Featured Image_Happy 1st Birthday

A year ago today, my wife and I were in the delivery room. At the moment all we could do was wait… Wait for our son and new lives as parents. I would complain that the chair I sat on, which was effectively known as the “Dad Chair”, because…

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21 Mar 2016
Featured Image_Sleeping Beauties

Why do they get to sleep?!

Wes and I have been married for two years and there are still some things that we are getting used to about each other . Like the fact that when we sit down to eat, he HAS to find something to watch before we can actually start eating. (Yea,…

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16 Mar 2016
Featured Image_BAHAMAS

2 years ago we could not go on our honeymoon because of a 3-week engagement! This year we made up for it by going on a surprise honeymoon that ended being more than what we ever thought it would be. Join us in our love journey.  

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15 Mar 2016
Featured Image_Budget Honeymoon

There is a HUGE misconception about travel that a large budget is required. This could not be further from the truth. When we embarked on this marriage journey, it was immediately decided that we would travel often. Now, let’s be clear – we are not rich folks – not…

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15 Mar 2016
Featured Image_Bahama Bliss

When you have only 3 weeks to plan a wedding, it may be hard to also include a honeymoon. After my then-boyfriend, Wes, met my Dad for the first time in Ghana, he proposed to me shorty thereafter.  On our way back from our trip, Wes and I decided…

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14 Mar 2016
Featured Image_Questions

OK, maybe these aren’t life or death but hey can help avoid future headaches. Every couple argues and it’s just one of those things in any real relationship that you have to learn to work with. Here are  6 things that I wish I had brought up with Veronica before…

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11 Mar 2016

When Breast isn’t Best…

What I’m about to write here may go against what most new mothers are told, but I feel like it has to be said…so here it goes, Baby Formula is OK!!! Last year, when my son was about to be born, I had so many plans. One of them…

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