19 Nov 2014

Along Comes Baby

WV Baby Poster

So anyone who knows us, knows that 2013 was a big year for us. We started dating, fell in love, got engaged and married all within 6 months. Crazy? No, not when you know that person is your one and only. Also, it helps when they are your best friend. When we got married we said we would wait 2 years, but…you know how it is…our plans are never God’s plans, and it’s much easier to get pregnant when you’re in between birth control methods. (Yea, that’s another story)

I remember the day we found I was pregnant, July 16, 2014. It wasn’t like I was late, (thanks Period Tracker). However, I was using the bathroom more frequently. I met up with my Mom for lunch and she noticed, and asked me why I was going to the bathroom so much. I replied with “maybe because I’m drinking more water”. She took one look at me and said, no you’re pregnant! I immediately disagreed, but it was too late, the seed had already been planted. I just didn’t know it had literally been planted.

That night, I did what everyone does, I turned to Google. I looked up “Signs that you are pregnant” and read that you will feel extra tired and go to the bathroom more. This was me! If it wasn’t 11:30 pm, I would have ran out to the drugstore, but they were all closed in my neighborhood. Wes and I went to bed, hoping for the morning to come sooner than later! That morning I ran not walked to Rite Aid and bought a home pregnancy test. After I did my duty, Wes and I stared at the stick waiting for the answer. It was the longest 2 minutes ever! As we waited, I found myself telling Wes that if it came out negative it was OK. It wasn’t the right time, we wanted to wait anyway. But while saying that, I realized that I wanted it to be positive. That I would be truly disappointed if we were not pregnant.

Finally, 2 minutes was up and we looked down. In bold case letters was the new change to our lives. We were “PREGNANT”! We were ecstatic and couldn’t believe the how happy we were. Of course a few seconds later, reality set in and we realized how different our lives would truly be in 9 months and at the time, we had only been married for 6 months! Did we have enough time together? Were we ready to be parents? Financially, and mentally? Did we rush into this? All these questions were swirling in our head, but even with all the fear, we would not want to change the news. We were going to be parents and would just have to get with the program. As our good friend Dina says, “We’re down”!

If you are a parent, what advice can you give to us for what is to come during our Pregnancy journey? We’d love to hear what you have to say.

  • Lupe

    i’m legit tearing up over here you guys!!! i’m SO excited for you both!! adrian and i got pregnant six months after our wedding too! quit copying us!! i’ll share some tips and tricks as soon as i finish jumping up and down and cheesin’ like a dork over this beautiful announcement :)

  • Robin Joseph

    Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news! Enjoy every second of it. Journal your pregnancy. Get rest- take naps. Take pics each month of the Belly. It’s such an amazing process. So happy for you both!

  • Thank you Robin! And Lupe we look forward to the tips!

    • Lupe

      Pregnancy tips: lavish in the spoiling, Veronica! (Wes, spoil her)

      Get the book “Baby Bargains”. It’s God sent.

      As a repeat offender I can tell you you’ll want to get everything, but don’t. Cribs, bottles, a gazillion outfits, gadgets, it can all wait. All you need are your boobs and a car seat ;)

      Invest in a doula. Watch “The Business of Being Born” and educate yourselves on what to watch out for when it’s getting close to supper time and your OB is pushing you to get a C section. Empower yourselves. I had a doula for both of my natural, epidural free births and I owe them everything.

      • Lupe

        Truth is: babies suck. They don’t sleep. Like they don’t sleep at all. They cry. They make you forget everything. They’re tiny little terrorists. I leave you with my favorite favorite favorite quote of all time. By Anthony Anderson, talking about parenthood on The Backup Plan:

        “The best way I can describe it is: it’s awful, awful, awful, awful, and then something incredible happens. And then it’s awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful and then something incredible happens again. It’s like this all day every day. I feel like I’m drowning, like I’m gasping to get my old life back. And then, a small moment happens that’s perfect, that’s so magical, so life-affirming that it makes it all worth while. This will be the best thing you ever do.”

  • Kimberly Carr

    Remember that the early days, when you have an amazingly beautiful baby that is 100% dependent upon you for their survival, are the hardest. You will likely wish for the days ahead, when baby can walk, talk, tell you exactly what they want and need, etc., but CHERISH those early days because you will one day long to have them back (take it from the parent of a teenager)! Babies are a true blessing and I am so happy for you both. Your child is blessed to be born into a family of true love……..it’s a great foundation. I’m here if you need me (though I don’t babysit less-than-two-year-olds, lol).

    • LOL! Thanks Kimberly! We will make sure and call you as soon as the baby turns 2!

  • Halima

    Enjoy the pregnancy. Don’t make it into a wait til the baby comes event. Enjoy the presence of another life within you. Enjoy the movement of the baby. Take pics of the belly through different stages. Take pics of extremities poking out and shifting. Read to the baby, play music for the baby, talk to the baby, in utero. Enjoy the pregnancy because it won’t be long til you have to run for bottles, diapers, and the doctor appointments. It’s a special time, especially when you have a great partner to share it with. ENJOY!

  • LaToya

    OMG. Congratulations to the both of you. God has already gone before you on this journey. Catch, record and enjoy every memory. You are blessed. The baby is listening and taking everything from you even now Veronica so stay positive, read to him/her. Wes take to the baby now. That baby is going to be so intelligent, smart and beautiful.

  • Thank you so much LaToya! We appreciate you!!

  • Thank you Halima! We definitely plan to do all that!

  • Amanda

    Congrats you two! A baby is such a blessing… and super cute too! I was married to my husband for 4 years before my daughter was born and even I wondered if we were ready. Now, Jasmine is 3 1/2 months old and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Definitely take this time to get lots of rest. Babies are small, but incredibly demanding! Also, try to plan a babymoon (if you can). You don’t have to travel far but it’s good to get away and spend time together. Wishing you both the best!

    • Thank you Amanda and congrats to you and your husband on your daughter! A babymoon has been on our mind…hopefully we’ll do it.

  • Thank you Amanda and congrats to you and your husband on your daughter! A babymoon has been on our mind…hopefully we’ll do it.

  • Delmi

    First of all Congratulations!! Next, make sure you get plenty of sleep now because it will be hard to get any once the baby is here unless you get lucky and the baby sleeps through the night after 1 month. You two will do fine. Hope you are reading to the baby, don’t wait til they arrive because they became aware the minute you planted them. Also, if help is offered don’t be afraid to accept it. Welcome to parenthood and I wish you two the best!!

  • Noel

    Congratulations Wes and Veronica! All I can say about parenting is that it’s hard work but worth it! Learn as much as you can but be ready for anything! Create a support network of friends who have kids- you have no idea how vital a strong support network is! Also please keep in touch and ask as many questions as you have!!!!! Reach out on FB and/or email whenever you want. Much love to you both and I wish you both the best!