10 Jul 2015

A Day in the life of an Executive Mom!

I know it has been a while since you have all heard from me. For the past 3 1/2 months I have been getting use to my new position…Executive Mom.

The day starts at 6:30 am greeting the boss good morning, even though we just had a meeting a few hours prior. However as the sun is coming up the new day seems official. As we meet I prepare his breakfast just the way he likes it. 5 oz of milk with a quarter teaspoon of rice cereal warmed for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, no more or less. I get back into the room before his temper flares as he does not like being hungry. Before he receives his breakfast, I administer a clean napkin to his bottom and we are good to go. Throughout the day I will prepare his meal in this way several times.

If you have not figured out who my boss is, then you may not be a parent. If you are then we are in the same union and you probably have the same morning routine. Yep my 3 month old, Wes Jr., affectionately known as Kwasi, has become my new boss!

I always knew that being a stay at home Mom was not an easy job, but I had no idea how time consuming it could really be. My mother who was a stay at home mom to 8 children made the job look so easy. My husband Wes and I always commend our mothers because now we are really experiencing parenthood.

Three weeks ago, Wes rejoined the 9-5 work force. As freelancers, it was a little easier with both of us being here during the day and taking turns to change, feed or play with the baby, but now its only me and I feel like I am at work with very few breaks. Below is a list of what my day can look like.

6:30 AM – Feed baby
6:50 AM -Change baby
7:00 AM – Get breakfast and lunch ready for Wes
8:00 AM – Make and eat breakfast. Take a quick shower if possible
9:00 AM – Feed baby and give him a bath
10 AM – Clean up kitchen
11:15 AM – Change baby
11:20 AM – Feed baby
11:45 AM – Playtime and attempt to put baby down for a nap
Noon – Change baby
12:30 PM – Baby naps
12:35 PM – Prepare lunch
1:20 PM – Feed baby
2:00 PM – Change baby
2:05 PM – More playtime with baby
3:00 PM – Baby naps, more cleaning, check emails-yay mommy time
4:00 PM – Baby wakes – change baby
4:15 PM – Feed baby
4:30 PM – While baby plays, prepare dinner
6:30 PM – Wes arrives home

And just like that 12 hours has gone by! Now although sleep deprived, being able to bond with my son is bigger than any job position that I have ever had. There are so many rewards that come with this job. After a feeding, just seeing my baby smile is priceless! Also, just completing a task like writing this post while he takes a nap gives me small victories during the day. Ok times up. Back to baby again:-)

Photographer: Milton Guity, Jr.
Make-up: Sharon Dulo