11 Feb 2015

9 things I’ve learned from my pregnant wife.

It’s finally here. The home stretch. In about 6 weeks (according to schedule), I am going to be a Dad to a little bundle “No, You can’t sleep right now. I am hungry”.

Sarcasm aside, I can’t wait. As the days draw nearer, I find myself daydreaming about parenthood and how things will be different for me as a man. I also think about my wife and the incredible changes her body is going through at the moment.

I sat and thought about our journey so far and reflected on what I had learned. This is what I came up with.

  1. The feeling of a moving tiny human inside of you in indescribable. When it’s quiet around the house and our son isn’t shy, he may get a jolt of energy and we will see a wave of flesh moving. It’s startled me the first time I saw and felt her stomach move! I thought, “There really is someone in there.”
  2. Hunger can overwhelm her with no warning. In the middle of working or catching up on Black-Ish, Veronica will get this look like her tank is on empty and the nearest feeding station is two towns over. She’s hungry and I must fix something immediately if nothing is already prepared. I’ve mastered the fine art of chopping apples and preparing with Nutella in under 60 seconds, which comes in very handy. I’m also good at making a PB&J sandwhich when she’s in the mood for one.
  3. Sleeping has become a challenge. It can also be a bit tricky finding the best position to sleep in since she there is now a large bump in front of you. I hear that sleeping with a pillow in front your legs is helpful, so maybe we’ll try that.
  4. Foods you once loved can now be gross. I love grilled chicken, but for a brief time Veronica could’t stand the sight or smell of chicken cooked in any of its delicious varieties.
  5. Socks are evil. Because of our growing baby, simple tasks like putting on socks and shoes and become a two-person task. I love being able to help with the little things.
  6. You pee all the time. And it may not be because you had more than your share of water. The baby is looking for room to stretch and may have found a comfortable spot on your bladder. It can get annoying having to travel to the bathroom every few minutes.
  7. Sometimes all you want are a foot and back massage. Imagine, if you will, carrying a package all day with no rest. I got tired even writing that sentence. So, I don’t blame her needing a massage every so often. It’s why I am here.
  8. Other (more experienced) Moms give the best advice. You spend a lot of time listening to other Moms about how to take the pain of delivery, what strollers to buy, which foods to avoid, and how to deal with no sleep. Veronica constantly seeks the advice of other Moms for guidance.
  9. Above all, you can’t wait to meet your little one. We have our diapers and baby bow-ties ready.

What I learned most is now matter how much I empathize with Veronica, rub her back when she throws up, prepare sliced apples with Nutella, or even gain weight with her, I will never fully understand all that she’ll go through as a Mom. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for the heartburn, stretch marks, violent fits of hunger, and waddle swag, but I find myself wanting that instant connection and familiarity that Moms have with Babies. I’m not sure what to expect, but I am enthusiastic about what I’ll learn.

  • Lupe

    One word. Snoogle.