23 Sep 2015

5 Baby Registry must-haves from a Toys R Us Mom

I love Toys r Us/Babies r us. Growing up you think that it’s just for kids. You know with all the advertisements we used to see (I don’t want to grow up, I want to be a Toys r Us kid) but as an adult I love it even more, well at least since I had my son.

Babies R Us has the best rewards system! After my baby shower I received a gift certificate worth over $200 from points gained from gifts bought from my registry. We also received our rewards card which has also turns into dollars. For every $125 you spend you get $5 and trust me, with all the diapers and wipes you will be buying, it will add up quickly. Because of the generosity we received from family and friends, we have only used about $20 of our own money to buy diapers. All of the others came from our registry, people coming by and dropping over a box, or from gift cards or reward money.

Last night we went to buy a box of diapers and when we got there I had 10 dollar gift card only to realize that I also had 10 dollars in rewards money! So after ringing up, guess what my grand total was for a box of 92 diapers?! You are going to be amazed as I am when I saw $4.99 at the register! I was in heaven. I love finding a great sale or discount! After that I was inspired to write this post.

My brother and sister-in-law who became new parents yesterday, (Yay!!) asked that I helped to add items to their registry when they were planning their baby shower. With some help from my Mommy Besties ,Michelle & Stephanie baby registry experts, we were able to fill her registry with some must-have items that every parent needs. Below is my top five! Of course, I suggest doing your registry at Babies R Us but that’s just my opinion:-)

  1. Fisher Price Swinger- I don’t what I would do without my swinger. Your baby can use it from when they are 2 weeks old. It will help to calm your crying baby after a few rocks with the melodic mobile. It has been a life saver for me and Wes many sleepless nights! Add to your registry.
    • IMG_0973
  2. Pampers Swaddlers- You may say a diaper is just a diaper. As long as it covers your baby’s bottom, it’s good enough right? Wrong! I love Pampers Swaddlers simply because of their wetness indicator! It takes the guess work out of wondering if the baby needs a diaper change. You no longer need to put your finger in the diaper to test for wetness, ewwww:-/ If your baby did a numero dos, trust me your nose will be the indicator. Add to your registry.
    • IMG_0972
  3. Dr. Browns Bottles and Sanitizer – There are lots of pieces to these bottles but I take it as extra care for my baby’s sensitive tummy. These bottles are made to reduce colic and so far my baby has been smiling, so we are good:-) Add to your registry.
    • IMG_0976
  4. Sorelle Crib & Baby Changer- We loved this crib that comes with a changing table and drawers for baby. Trust me the extra storage will come in handy! What we love most is that this crib converts to a bed, so our son can use it for years! Add to your registry.
    • IMG_0977
  5. His and Hers Diaper bag- Finding a great bag is key because this will now replace everyday bag that you own. I found a great fashionable bag by Skip Hop and my husband got one by Columbia. What we love about them is that they are not bulky, but they still have enough compartments for your to store all of your baby’s needs to go out. Add to your registry here and here.
    • IMG_0974IMG_0975

Let’s keep the convo going. What are some of your baby registry suggestions for parents to be?

Mommy Tip: You may not have to add a breast pump to your registry because most insurance companies are now giving them for free. Make sure and ask your doctor or insurance provider.