08 Jul 2016

Waking up with a heavy heart. 

This morning when I woke up, I looked at my husband and son and was overcome with a heavy heart. The shootings of our black people, has sadly not been surprising, yet I refuse to become desensitized to these evil actions. As a habit, I went on Facebook as I grabbed my phone from the night stand. The first thing on my feed was a Facebook live post by a woman named named Savanna Hartman. We are not friends but a few of my friends reposted her Live Post. I have posted it below.

This woman’s poem gave me chills. I sat there in silence and just listened. Everything she was saying was so true. Please listen and pray along with her. As she says it’s not wrong to say #blacklivesmatter. We are not leaving anyone out. Yes, God made us all equal, but the minute man took it into his own hands to exclude people because of skin color , that is when the fight began. And so we have to shout #BLACKLIVESMATTER, in hopes that the killings will stop! In hopes that the prejudice will subside! In hopes that the fear of every black man that I love will not make it home will become less real! This woman spoke the truth, and don’t be offended if you are white, but understand what she is saying. I don’t blame you for past generations. But the fact is, as a white person, you have a privilege, that we as black people will never know. The sooner you accept and comprehend this, the better you will be able to stand by our side and understand why we have to scream #BLACKLIVESMATTER. We cannot stop until the madness ends.

After viewing the post, my husband and I prayed. We prayed for our families, and our friends, and for those we don’t know who are hurting from these tragic incidents. We ended the prayer with hope that our voices will be heard.